Data Analyst

Job Description

The main role of this job is to maintain and manage the overall company’s data generated by our customers and helping the teams in the company to make more informed decisions based on numbers and insights

This role is vital since we are a startup and we need to use the data to go-to-market quicker and to spend our money wisely 

(Job requirements (daily work/routine

Data analysis for existing data to help section to optimize their work -

Building dashboards and performance boards to help team members to track their work -

Reporting on the product from a data-perspective and audit the company’s overall tasks from a data point of view -

Explore and analysis our huge data and comes with new insights -

Key Skills/capabilities

Analytical thinking -  

Critical thinking - 

Communication and storytelling - 

Presentation skills: written and verbal - 

SQL and ability to write SQL commands, Querying DBs -  

(Tools know-how ( Power BI, Alteryx  or google data studio or any equivalent - 

(Visualization using different tools (Power BI, Tableau, Google Data studio or any equivalent- 

(A plus (preferred but not required

(Data Science or Business analysis Nano degree ( from Udacity or GA -  

(Sector related experience (SaaS / eCommerce -  

Worked in a startup -  

Note: The selected candidates will be given a task to work on



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