Senior Backend Developer

?Who we are

Zid is an e-commerce in a box - solution that any retailer can use to start their eRetail. Zid helps them to build their own eStores (with their own name and identity) and integrates them with the supply chain players to enable them to manage and with ease 

All of that with affordable cost and decent quality


Job Requirements

Strong time management skills and self driven work ethic-

Excellent debugging and problem solving skills-

Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, and organizational skills-

Excellent in model-view-controller architectures-

Excellent in domain driven development-

Excellent in PHP and Laravel framework-

A strong ability to deal with Linux CLI-

Proficiency with collaborative development workflows (source control, branches, PRs) and continuous deployment practices-

Experience with Agile SCRUM and/or Kanban practices-


Worked in a startup before-

You already know : Slack, trello, JIRA and the other tools-

Good experience in SaaS- 

(Domain Experience (e-commerce-


Contributing to rewriting some parts of Zid API Platform-

Contributing to the development of the next version of our components like: Cart, Payment Gateway, Shipping Companies .. etc-

Contributing to defining code standards and code reviews to ensure a high-quality product-

Contributing with product management team to develop ideas for new features-

Contributing with backend and front-end developers to build Zid new features-

Contributing on Zid theming system to allow front-end developers from anywhere to build and customize themes-

Educating junior developers on topics ranging from basic principles like decoupling, interface segregation, writing clean code, etc-


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