• Zid ?

    A Saudi holding company founded in 2017 enabling retail sectors to convert to E-commerce easily and professionally

    Zid is not only a technical solution it provides you with a fully supported system that increases your chances of succeeding and growing your business.


  • Services & Features

    Customize your business the way you want no technical-background is needed,  main services:

    1- Personal domain e.g.(www.mystore.com)

    2- Chose payment options

    3- Choose delivery options

    4- Design your store.

    5- Manage inventory

    6- Track orders.

    7- Statistics on sales and store.

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  • How do i start ?

    Two simple steps:

    1- Fill in required fields

    2-Activate account through SMS code.

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  • Prices ?

    We have 4-packages, you can save 2-months price for annual :

    Starter  free

    Venture  100 SR\monthly

    Business  200 SR\monthly

    Growth 400  SR\monthly

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  • How does delivery work ?

    We provide delivery companies for your store to choose from:

    1- SMSA

    2- Aramex

    3- SLS

    4- Fastlo 

    5- JAK 

    6- Tard


    Click here to see prices and cities.

  • Shippment costs ?

    On the customers, but it differs based on location and size and clarified for the customers , you can track the price of the shipment for each company.

    * You can change prices for delivery

  • How does payment work ?

    We provide reliable payment gateways for your store to choose:

    1- PayFort

    2- Tap

    3- PayTabs

    4- HyperPay

    5- Moyaser

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  • Payment methods in store ?

    Visa, Bank transfer, Payment on receiving, SADAD

  • Can i have my own application ?

    Yes for the Business annual and  Growth packages, with 2,000 SR for the service provider ( annually ).

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  • How to contact for help ?

    We’re available 24\7 to help you, Side menu > Help.

  • Commercial Record required ?

    No, unless you will connect with payment methods (Visa, Apple pay…etc) and it’s preferred to strengthen your identity and integrity for visitors.

    Click here to see payment methods.

  • Can i change URL to my own domain ?

    Yes, you will be provided a temporary URL  at first contact the empowerment team from the control panel.


    *free for Business  and Growth packages

  • Do customers have to downlaod App to buy from me ?

    No, Customers only need a URL of the store.

  • How to activate Visa ?

    Must have Commercial Record with the name of the organization or company, then contact empowerment through:

    Side menu > Help.

  • How to verify bank transfer ?

    The customer will receive an SMS with a link to confirm the order, it will be sent to you on control-panel to accept reject and track.

  • Zid only in Saudi Arabia ?

    No, we cover the GCC countries too for any nationality.

    *MENA region soon.

  • Terms & Conditions

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  • Privacy policy ?

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