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  • Zid ?

    A Saudi holding company founded in 2017 enabling retail sectors to convert to E-commerce easily and professionally

    Zid is not only a technical solution it provides you with a fully supported system that increases your chances of succeeding and growing your business.


  • Services & Features

    Customize your business the way you want no technical-background is needed,  main services:

    1- Personal domain e.g.(www.mystore.com)

    2- Chose payment options

    3- Choose delivery options

    4- Design your store.

    5- Manage inventory

    6- Track orders.

    7- Statistics on sales and store.

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  • Terms & Conditions

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  • Privacy policy ?

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  • How do i start ?

    Two simple steps:

    1- Fill in required fields

    2-Activate account through SMS code.

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  • Prices ?

    We have 4-packages, you can save 2-months price for annual :

    Starter  free

    Venture  100 SR\monthly

    Business  200 SR\monthly

    Growth 400  SR\monthly

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  • Shippment costs ?

    On the customers, but it differs based on location and size and clarified for the customers , you can track the price of the shipment for each company.

    * You can change prices for delivery

  • How does payment work ?

    We provide reliable payment gateways for your store to choose:

    1- PayFort

    2- Tap

    3- PayTabs

    4- HyperPay

    5- Moyaser

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  • Can I have my own application ?

    Yes for the Business annual and  Growth packages, with 2,000 SR for the service provider ( annually ).

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  • How to contact for help ?

    We’re available 24\7 to help you, Side menu > Help.

  • Commercial Record required ?

    No, unless you will connect with payment methods (Visa, Apple pay…etc) and it’s preferred to strengthen your identity and integrity for visitors.

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  • Can I change URL to my own domain ?

    Yes, you will be provided a temporary URL  at first contact the empowerment team from the control panel.


    *free for Business  and Growth packages

  • Do customers have to downlaod App to buy from me ?

    No, Customers only need a URL of the store.

  • How to verify bank transfer ?

    The customer will receive an SMS with a link to confirm the order, it will be sent to you on control-panel to accept reject and track.

  • Zid only in Saudi Arabia ?

    No, we cover the GCC countries too for any nationality.

    *MENA region soon.

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  • Are you store my products?

    Zid does not store the merchant’s products .. But we provided a special offer with our partner, Salsa, for outsourcing services. They provide storage and processing services, etc. .. You can see Salsa’s deal services from here

  • How does delivery work ?

    We provide delivery companies for your store to choose from:

    1- SMSA

    2- Aramex

    3- SLS

    4- Fastlo 

    5- JAK 

    6- Tard


    Click here to see prices and cities.

  • Payment methods in store ?

    Visa, Bank transfer, Payment on receiving, SADAD

  • How to activate Visa ?

    Must have Commercial Record with the name of the organization or company, then contact empowerment through:

    Side menu > Help.

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  • How can I contact the Merchant Success Team?

    If your a business or growth package subscriber, you will be able to communicate with merchants success team through the live chat that appears to the left of the web control panel page or through – help – in the mobile application.

  • Can you help me develop my business?

    At Zid we offer you more than a technical solution and an e-store .. Zid is your partner in your full-fledged E-commerce journey, and that is why in empowerment we strive to be with the merchants and help them grow their business through:

    • The merchant’s success team with experience in the field, who can summarize for you years of experience and advice you with what is best for your business.
    • Consulting hours with specialists in e-commerce and marketing
    • Meetups and educational webinars with all what is new in the field

    And many more ..

  • Do you offer training courses?

    On educational trips , you could find all topics of interest to any merchant from marketing, content, etc. ..

    Some of the educational trips are free, while others are for Zid’s merchants only.

  • Do you market for my e-store?

    At Zid, we do not market for an e-store, but we provide you with tools to help you with marketing … such as:

    • You could easily connect with Google Analytics – Facebook Pixel – Snapchat Pixel – Google Tag Manager … which helps you track your advertising campaigns and others.
    • Rapid appearance in search engines .. In this article, you could find all the advice that will help you appear in the search engines.
    • In the growth package, you can book a consulting session with specialists in marketing and e-commerce who will assist you in your integrated e-commerce.
    • The Merchant’s Success Team is qualified and experienced in the field and available to guide you to all that guarantees the success and the growth of your business from meet-ups and others.

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  • What are the initiatives?

    • An initiative to evaluate each other e-stores in Maarouf
    • An initiative to negotiate with advertiser prices
    • An initiative to support packaging and share their experiences with the merchants
    • Collaboration initiative and coming up with a common product
    • Winter Wonder Land Participation Initiative (Special Prices)
    • The Mada Market Participation Initiative (Riyadh Season)
    • An initiative to implement special campaigns with influencers and write a report about it
    • Influencer Database Initiative
    • A special offer to import products with DHL
    • Initiative to participate in “Arab Net” exhibition
    • Digital Marketing Course Initiative with Taraqars Academy
  • ًWhat is Zid’s Community?

    It is a virtual place where several Zid’s merchants meet, by sharing experiments, experiences besides launching joint initiatives among community members.