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Faisal AlDayel

Unlock your signature scent! You can now access and order Faisal Aldayel’s perfumes using your mobile phone.

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With the Raseel app, professional gifts are designed, crafted, and delivered to your loved ones.

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Elevate your style with the Sayyar app. Find and order high-quality men's fabrics effortlessly.

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Reefi app is your ultimate destination for premium bathroom essentials and towels. Elevate your self-care routine, dive into comfort and style.

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Most frequently asked questions

No. You will be able to manage Pages / Categories / Products / Orders / Shipping Companies / Payment Methods from the same Zid Dashboard.

Free without limit.. The application notifications feature is linked with the One Signal service provider, and unlimited notifications can be sent for free.

Abandoned carts are available in the Pro package. The text of the abandoned carts is determined by the merchant, and the sending period is specified. The abandoned cart is calculated after the user adds a product to the cart in the application without the need to log in to the store, and then a reminder alert of the abandoned cart is sent directly to the customer (without additional cost).

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