• Your own E-store with your identity
  • Store and orders management via the web control panel or the app
  • Supports both languages ( Arabic and English)
  • Linking your store to your domain ( /
  • Adding unlimited products
  • unlimited number of orders and customers
  • Automatic invoices
  • Search engine visibility
  • Manually creating orders for customers
  • SSL certificate for your store
  • Customer SMS verification
  • VAT automatic calculation
  • Unlimited bandwidth and data rate
  • Discounts coupons/codes
  • Applying discounts on products
  • Advanced statistics and reports on products, orders and its status
  • SMS for customers to track order status
  • Customizing E-store interface


  • Available shipping options (5 companies with special offers) For details
  • Access to the offers provided by the ecosystem members to Zid’s merchants
  • E-payment solution with 5 companies (Paytabs, Hyperpay,Moyaser, Tap and Payfort)For details
  • Mobile application for the E-store for additional fees (for annuals subscriptions only) example: IOS/


  • Monthly email newsletter with tips on E-commerce
  • Attending interactive webinars (priority for Zid’s merchants)
  • Attending Zid’s Monthly Meet-up
  • Access to your choice of 6 educational videos
  • Access to merchant success team and support via tickets
  • Access to merchant success team and support via live chat (during working hours)