Services and Features

Do not tire yourself, it’s easy for you to conduct all e-commerce by providing many features and advantages, in addition to you can connect your online store to you Z partners services easily

Professional eStore with your own identity and domain

Get to launch your own eCommerce store without any IT background. You can customize and arrange your store to reflect your brand with ease.

Variety Payment Options

Receive your money using the payment gateway of your choice, along with activating bank transfer and CoD.

Ready Delivery Services and Integrations

Activate your preferred couriers without the hustle of negotiating better rates (we did that for you) and get to integrate your store with the chosen ones seamlessly

Training courses and consulting

We provide you with a technical solution only but we are interested in your success, we offer a number of meetings, training courses and consulting hours that will help you to develop and improve your business for the best always

Track your Inventory and Manage it easily

Add your products with their options and track the quantities. Skip the guess work and get control of your stock.

Advance Reporting on your business

Get immediate insights about your business and track your sales and orders sources.

Provide a tool to manage and follow up customer requests in all cases

It also makes it easy for you to follow up the orders on the online store and to present them in a practical and smooth manner, with the possibility of updating all their cases whether the request (new, ongoing, ready, Cancel them completely

Send SMS messages to the customer in case of order

Customers of your store SMS messages with the status of the request so that the customer is comfortable and aware of the status of the request and all updates without the need to communicate with you, both inside and outside the online store.


What you need to write your customers’ invoices manually, they are automatically provided to you with all the information of the store and the customer so that you can print them and attach them to the order.

Create a list of customer information

Browse the list of customers in your store with all their information such as name, number and number of times of purchase from your e-store with the possibility to communicate with them quickly and easily

Processing a shopping basket for customers

Some customers prefer to dial through WhatsApp or private messages

Create discount coupons

Your customers are lenient! Offer special offers and discounts on your products with the possibility of specifying the details of the discount (such as the type of reduction, date, coupon code, products included in the reduction … etc)

Confirmation of payment

Make sure the customer pays for the order price by simply receiving the transfer picture from the client within the application, and then start charging

Professional technical support

Connect with our on-the-go traders and technical support team directly within the app and browser, always present to serve you and help you with all your store needs.

Store documentation

ncrease your business confidence in front of your customers and make it easier for your target customers to reach your store by connecting your online store to your known service