Know more about Zid's E-Commerce services which provides you with various online store solutions such as payments, delivery technical support and much more!

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Professional eStore

 Launch your eCommerce store without any IT background with your own identity and domain.

Track your Inventory and Manage it easily

Add your products with all their options and track their quantities. Get control of your stock!

Advance Reporting on your business

Get immediate insights about your business and track your sales and orders.

A tool to manage customer requests

It makes it easier to follow up on the orders which are presented in your E-store practically and smoothly, where you can update their cases whether the request is( new, ongoing, ready, etc.)

SMS messages to the customers

Customers will receive messages with updating them with their order status whether it is ( new, ongoing, ready, etc.) For the customer to be comfortable and aware.


You do not need to write your customers’ invoices manually anymore, since they are automatically generated with all the information you need.

Create a list of customer information

You can browse your customer list containing their information such as (name, number, number of purchases from your store, etc.)For easier communication.

Processing a shopping basket for customers

Some customers prefer WhatsApp or private messages. Therefore, you could create a shopping basket for them.

Discount Coupons

Create special offers and discounts with specifying their details such as( type, date, products included, etc.)

Payment Confirmation

You could make sure that the customer’s paid for their order simply through receiving the transfer picture from the customer within the E-store control panel.

Store Verification with Maroof

Increase customer confidence and make it easier for your target customer to reach your E-store by connecting it with Maroof.


Various Payment Options

Enables you to link electronic payment gateways in your store and provide more than one payment option for your customers.

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Shipping and Delivery services

Activate your preferred couriers without the hustle of negotiating better rates (we did that for you) and get to integrate your store with the chosen ones seamlessly

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Other Services

We offer you many professional services who specialize in photography, design, and assisting you in e-marketing for your store and other services that contribute to the growth of your e-commerce

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Consulting hour with e-commerce experts

At this hour, you sit with an eCommerce expert who will help you answer many questions in this field

Training courses and consulting

Because we want you to succeed, we offer several meet-ups, training courses, and consultation hours that will help you improve your business.

Professional Technical Support

Connect with the merchants’ success team, whose aim is to support you and help you grow your business directly within the E-store control panel


Virtual conference

More than 10 virtual and in reality conferences done between members of the community

Initiatives between merchants

More than 15 initiatives launched among Zid’s community members

Sharing experiences

A private virtual place where a number of Zid merchants meet, through sharing experiences and launching joint initiatives among members of the community