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زد شركة سعودية قابضة، تأسست في عـام 2017 م تهدف إلى تمكين قطاع التجزئة من الدخول إلى عالم التجزئة الالكترونية بطريقة سهلة واحترافية.


Zid has offered and provided solutions:

  • more than 1200

    Active Retailers

  • more than 14

    Sector in retail of different categories

  • more than 16

    Provide solution to Partners through consultation

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لأننا مو حل تقني بس! زد شريكك في التجارة الالكترونية، ولأنك شريكنا نوفر لك الطرق الأسرع والأسهل لنمو تجارتك الالكترونية بشكل متكامل من خلال:


Connected to all the services you need to start e-commerce, you can easily manage and win what you are through the mobile and without the need for technical expertise.


You can reach many service providers and partners in different fields and apply to their services at special rates for traders, from one place in the merchant's control panel.


We Offers tutorials that helps grow your e-commerce through specialized and practical tips on various topics of the e-commerce



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