About Zid

Driven by the demands of the retail sector and fueled by modern technology, Zid is a Saudi holding company established in 2017, dedicated to revolutionizing the retail sector by simplifying the world of e-commerce.

Based in Riyadh and quickly expanding to the MENA region, our full-fledged digital solutions provide merchants with a suite of products and services that help them digitize their businesses smartly, seamlessly, and efficiently.


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Why Zid?

Zid provides all the tools you need to digitize and scale your business successfully.


A customized online store with all the digital tools and solutions to launch and advance your business without any technical expertise.


A holistic business ecosystem where you can engage with numerous service providers and choose what works best for your business.


Informative tutorials and consultation sessions designed to nourish your potential and stimulate your business mindset.


A virtual safe space where you can connect with other retailers, learn from their experiences, and launch joint ventures.

Start your business now with modern retail

We offer comprehensive services to help your business grow, such as connecting you with shipping companies, activating payment gateways, and integrating with apps to automate tasks, all from one dashboard. Zid is a united community where merchants from various e-commerce sectors can exchange experiences and advice.