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Starter Venture Business Growth 
Starter Venture Business Growth
e-Catalog and product showcase
Your own online store with your identity
Endless clients and orders
Number of products
10 100 unlimited unlimited
Automatic customer invocing
Search engling visibility and optimization (SEO)
Manual order creation on-hehalf of the customers (for IM orders)
SMS order confirmation to the customers upon order completion
Custom domain name ( or
Landing page customization
"Your own, branded iOS and Android shopping app (available on partner subscription )"
Free SSL certificate
Buyer mobile verification using SMS (OTP)
Automated tax calculations (VAT)
Unlimited bandwith
Operation managmenet and 3rd party integrations
Competitve pricing and pre-defined contracts and SLAs with shipment companies
Technical integration with shipment companies for : order creation, status and customer info.
Integration with various payment options (4 companies available)
Fulfilment services integration (storage, preperation and delivery)
Offering cash-on delivery with shipment companies
Bank transfer semi-automation for merchants
eStore managment using merchents mobile app or web admin
Access to Zid partners offers (marketing, photography, etc...)
Advanced reporting on : orders and products
Marketing tools and Order creation
Coupons and codes
Products Discounts
Special promotion for selected exhibitations
Professional reporting (Sales)
Education, onboarding and enablement
Access to learning journeys (mini-courses in various subjects)
Zid Keys (joining Zid Merchants community and getting to attend Zid meetups)
E-commerce advisor services
Monthly hour (call or F to F)
Dedicated support team for eStore setup
Technical support
via email via email and tickets via email and live chat via email and live chat
Monthly subscription fees
0 100 SAR 200 SAR 400 SAR
Annual subscription
0 1200 SAR
1000 SAR
2400 SAR
2000 SAR
4800 SAR
4000 SAR
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