Success Comes in Different Forms. Choose Yours.

Zid provides you with different packages and payment options to choose from, depending on what you want to achieve.


A starter kit with everything you need to launch and run your e-commerce store.

230 SAR / Month

Total of 3,800 2,760 SAR per year, inclusive of tax.


Additional services and features that will help grow your store.

460 SAR / Month

Total of 6880 5520 SAR per year, inclusive of tax.


Advanced analytics, APIs, and top-tier features to optimize your business.

0 SAR / Month

Total of 14600 13800 SAR per Year
,inclusive of tax .
Save 16٪

Packages Comparison


SAR /Month


SAR /Month


SAR /Year
Store Features
Unlimited Number of Products
No limitation on the number of products you can upload
Unlimited Number of Orders
No limitation on the number of orders with ZERO commission
Unlimited Number of Customers
No limitation on the number of customers
Custom Domain
Connect easily with your custom domain
SSL Certificate
Free SSL certificate for your store
Hosting & Traffic
No limitation on traffic
User Groups
Grant access and create policies for your team
2 10 20
CSS Customization
Customize your storefront easily with our CSS customization feature
Build Your Own Theme
Customize or build your own store theme from scratch
Unlimited Main Categories and subcategories for your products
Custom Pages
Easily create custom pages for your store
Essential Pages
Create essential pages for your store such as FAQs, Terms & Conditions, Return Policies, Shipment Tracking
Multilingual Support
Support in Arabic and English
Multi-currency Support
Display product prices in the local currency of your customers, based on their location
Analytics & Insights
Understand your customer better through Zid Analytics
Basic Basic Advanced
Tax-free Products
Add tax-free products to your store
Location-based Taxing
Adjust taxes based on customer location
Location-based VAT
Calculate and adjust VAT on products based on customer location
Auto Adjust VAT
Automatically calculate the added taxes
Order Creation
Easily create orders for your customers through the dashboard
Transactional Emails
Notify your customers about their orders' bills via email
Bulk Import / Update Products
Import and update your products smoothly
Bulk Import / Update Products
Import and update your products smoothly
Reviews & Comments
Allow your customers to write reviews and comments on your products
Product Reviews
Gain the trust of your customers by showing them the product reviews
Similar Products
Ensure a personalized experience by displaying relevant products based on the customer’s browsing session
Custom Warehouses
Display products based on the stock available in the warehouse for each city
Up to 5 per City
24/7 Support
Round the clock guidance from our support team
Discount Codes
Create discount codes for your customers
Reach out to your customers through SMS advertisement campaigns
Product Discounts
Keep your customers engaged with limited-time discounts on your products
Optimize your store for better ranking on search engines
Auto Discounts
Create auto discounts for your customers
Gifting Services
Allow customers to place orders as gifts
Marketing Bundles
Create marketing bundles to increase basket size
Cart Abandonment
Gain insights about cart abandonment and how to recover it
Loyalty System
Increase customer retention with a loyalty program
Activate ZidShip for your store
Shipping Integration
Smooth integration with different shipping providers
Custom Shipping Provider
Add your custom shipping provider
Adjustment of Shipping Cost
Automatically adjust shipping cost based on product weight
Bulk Printing
Swiftly bulk print lading and order bills
Bulk Print Bills
Bulk print orders bills
Provide cash on delivery option
Bank Transfer
Accept bank transfer payments
Activate ZidPay for your store
All inclusive
All inclusive
All inclusive
API Access
Utilize Zid API to automate processes
Up to 10k Call / Month
Automate processes and flows with our integration with Zapier
Google Analytics
Integrate Google Analytics within seconds and track all customer activity
Tracking Pixels
Easily track your campaign’s performance through our direct integration with tracking pixels on social platforms
Facebook Pixel Integration
Launch campaigns on Facebook and track their performance
Snapchat Pixel Integration
Launch campaigns on Snapchat and track their performance
Rewaa Integration
Manage your stock efficiently with Rewaa
Merchant Success
Direct guidance from successful retailers
Zid Workshops
Bi-monthly workshops designed to enhance your skill set
مجدولة Scheduled Dedicated
Zid Academy
Access to courses and content to help grow your business
6 Courses All Courses All Courses + Access for 3 Users
Consultation Sessions
Sessions with a business professional who will help you tackle any obstacles
Store Performance Audit
Quarterly sessions with an expert to review your store performance
Zid Merchants Community
Access to Zid Merchants Community, the hub of knowledge and experience
Storefront Customization
Customize your storefront
Does not include theme customization Does not include theme customization
Store Migration
Migrate your current store data to Zid

Enterprise Package

Gain access to advanced digital marketing solutions, in-depth customer data, efficient automation, and a dedicated customer success manager to build your own e-commerce empire.

زد للأعمال الكبيرة

Know More, Grow Better

Zid is your one-stop shop for all the features, data, and guidance to make impactful, profitable decisions for your e-commerce store.

Data-driven Insights

Detailed insights regarding the behavior, likes, and engagement of your customers.

Targeted Marketing

Discover and target the consumer base that is most beneficial for your brand. 

Data Collection

Increase your profits and reduce costs through automated data collection and analysis.

Resource Management

Consolidate your resources and data into a convenient dashboard built for your company.

Enhanced Engagement

Increase customer engagement through SMS advertisements, email updates, customized content, and more. 

Increased Productivity

Streamline your workflow through data integration and automation, empowering your team to work smarter and better.

ZidApp Market

Empower your business, accelerate your growth, and open doors to new possibilities with the advanced apps and solutions available on the ZidApp Market.

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