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· Customizing the UI of your store (CSS)
· Connecting with more than 5 e-payments gates
· Automatic Discounts

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Comparison between Packages

A complete e-store

Store Management
Unlimited number of product
Unlimited number of requests
Unlimited number of customers
A domain of your own (www.yourname.com)
A free SSL Certificate
Unlimited data & visitors hosting
An operative team with certain accessibilities 2 10
An operative team with certain accessibilities 2 10
Customizing the UI of your store (CSS)
Basic categorizing (secondary and sub sections)
Creating additional pages
Supported with English and Arabic languages
Supported with cash currency
Statistics and reports (customers’ requests)
Specifying tax-free products
Customizing the tax amount
according the country
Calculating VAT automatically
The ability to create customers’ requests
Automatically receiving bills on emails
Customer Service 24/7 through direct chat
Importing products using an Excel file
Updating products using an Excel file
Swapping the current products with
new ones using an Excel file
Pinning a location in Google maps
Importing customers using an Excel file
Products Reviews and Ratings
Similar Products
Marketing Management
Discount coupons
SMS Marketing Campaign
Showing products’ discounts
Enhancing the appearance in SEO search
Automatic discounts
Sending orders as a gift
Bundle offer
Abandoned carts
Shipment Management
Zid ship platform for shipping solutions
Connecting with shipping & delivery companies
Ability to add customized shipping
Calculating shipping cost based on the weight
Printing waybills in one patch
Printing purchase bills in one patch
Payment Management
COD ( Cash On Delivery)
Bank Transfer
Payment gateway gate Tap
gate PayFort
Payment gateway HyperPay
Payment gateway PayTabs
Payment gateway Moyasar
Payment gateway Tamara

Supportive Services

Advanced technical solutions
Connecting with Zapier tool
Connecting with Analytics tool
Connecting with Tag Manager tool
Connecting with Facebook Pixel tool
Connecting with Snapchat Pixel tool
Connecting with Qoyod accounting system
Connecting with Rewaa
storage management system
Connecting with Rewaa
storage management system
Connecting with Daftara accounting system
Ecosystem members
E-marketing services providers (special price)
Products’ photographs providers (special price)
Products Packaging services providers
(special price)
Storage and operation services providers
(special price)

Merchants Empowering

Merchant success team member specialized
in improving your business
Webinar and meetings
Educational Academy 6 courses All courses
Consulting Services 1
Consulting Services 6
Merchants Community

Additional Services

You can purchase some of the services that Zid provide during your subscription period to your suitable package

Sender Name Customization

This service enables you to customize the sender name in SMS messages that your customers receive

Starting From 230 SR

SMS for Requests

This service enables you to send an SMS message to you customer once the status of an order has been changed

Starting From 430 SR

SMS for campaigns

This service enables you to launch marketing campaigns using SMS messages

Starting From 183 SR

Domain Alteration

This service enables you to change your store link to a new one

Starting From 69 SR

Domain Transfer

This service enables you to transfer the ownership of the domain provided by Zid

Starting From 138 SR


How long is the free-trial period?

Free-trial is 14 days only

What are the available features during the free-trial?

You can use all the e-store features in the selected package, using Zid Ship as an option for shipping, and activating payments method (bank transfer, pay on delivery)

What happens when the free-trial expires?

Your store will be suspended until subscribing again, all data will be saved and not deleted

Will my data and products be deleted once the free-trial expires?

No, all of the store data will be saved in accordance with article 2 and 3 in Private Policy

Can I subscribe to the paid packages before the expiration of the free-trial?

Yes, you can subscribe to the packages before the free-trial expiration