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in your pocket with every subscription.

Become our marketing partner and earn your commission with every subscription

Make a Commission, Join a Revolution

Our Affiliate Marketing Program is your chance to play your part in the digital revolution. Empower retailers, earn your commission, and drive the change that will transform the world.

Easy and simple... Ask, and you'll get the answer

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Program Features

Increase Your Income

Earn up to 3600 Saudi Riyals for every merchant who subscribes to the Zid platform through your link or code.

Specialized Training

As a partner, you can join courses worth 5000 Riyals for free.

Easy-to-Sell Product

Zid platform is here to help over 100,000 merchants transition to modern commerce. All you need to do is tell them about us.

Known Customers

You can identify registered customers through your unique link or code, thus knowing exactly how much commission you are eligible for.

Program Workflow


Join the program through the link on the page.


Get your unique link and code,


Choose individuals and entities that you think need the Zid platform.


Get your commission after the customer's journey from registration to subscription is complete.

A Rewarding Experience


Number of Retailers​Reward
5200 SAR
10450 SAR
301500 SAR
1005500 SAR
1000Special Reward


Essential Package – Monthly200 SAR20 SAR
Growth Package – Monthly400 SAR40 SAR
Essential Package – Annually2000 SAR200 SAR
Growth Package – Annually4000 SAR400 SAR
Mobile App2000 SAR200 SAR

Success Partners


It aims to introduce the Zid platform to every merchant in need of transitioning to modern commerce. You are the soldiers, and your efforts can be tracked, rewarding you with your deserved commission.

You get 30% for every subscription made through you, and if a seasonal promotional discount is used, your commission is 15%

Register through the joining link, fill in the necessary information, and you will receive your link and code as an affiliate marketer.
Our only condition is your desire to join the program!
Joining is completely free, and you earn commissions and specialized marketing courses with it.
Every marketer joining the program has a unique link and code. When your customer uses the link or code to register and subscribe to the Zid platform, the process is tracked and assigned to your account.
We transfer your commissions automatically to your bank account every month.
Our team is here to answer any questions you may have, no matter how silly you think it is!
Every marketer has the possibility to have discount , contact us to have it.

We told you it's easy and simple!

You’re absolutely welcome to join us, our team is thrilled to have you, eager to help you.

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