Terms & Conditions

Last updated on 4 January 2022

Subscription to Zid services through the site or application requires the approval of the following conditions (Terms of Use).

The services – provided by Zid under the terms of use include many products, features, and tools – that help you create and manage your e-business (service).

Any new features or tools added to the current service are also subject to the same conditions. You can view the conditions at any time at the following link https://zid.sa/en/terms-conditions/

Zid has the right to update and change the terms of use by posting updates and changes to its website or application. It is also advisable to visit the site from time to time to see any update that may affect you.

You must read and agree to all the terms in the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before becoming an official Zid user.

Abstracts are provided in simplified language for clarification. Please read the “Terms of Use” to get a full picture of your legal requirements. By using Zid or any of its services, you agree to these terms.

  1. Account terms
  2. You must be 18 years of age or older, or have reached the age of majority according to the laws and regulations of the country in which you use the service
  3. You must register with Zid to use the service and benefit from it by writing the full name as it appears in the official papers, the current address, the mobile number, a valid email and any required information as shown, requested in the registration form and Zid has the right to reject the request to create any account – as it is entitled to – Cancellation of any account due, in accordance with the powers granted.
  4. Zid has the right to use the email address as a primary method of communication.
  5. The user is responsible for keeping his password safe. Zid is not responsible for any loss or damage that occurs as a result of forgetting and not maintaining the security of the account and password.
  6. The user is responsible for all activities and contents such as data, graphics, images and links that are downloaded under his account in Zid (“Store Content”). No virus, computer worms, or any symbols of a destructive nature should be transmitted.
  7. Violation of any term in the Account terms described in accordance with the powers granted to Zid will lead to immediate termination of user services and the claim for compensation.

2. Activate the account

2.1 Zid Account:

  1. Under Article 2.1.2, the person who benefits from the service is the contracting party (the account owner) who is subject to the terms of use and is the only person authorized to manage any other account that we may provide.
  2. If you are subscribed to the service on behalf of the employer, then- the employer is the account holder, and you are authorized by him and accordingly, the conditions apply to him –

2.2 Payment services, SADAD account, Visa / MasterCard and credit card:

  1. Zid has the right, on behalf of the user, to provide SADAD, Visa or MasterCard with its information upon the request of the account holder after completing the registration.
  2. The user acknowledges that activating the SADAD account and / or credit card payment services and / or Visa / MasterCard will be fully responsible as the account owner. And if he does not wish to keep them active, the responsibility for the cancellation rests with him as well. Whereas, SADAD services and / or Visa / MasterCard credit cards are third party services and it is solely the responsibility of the company to deactivate because the service is provided by a third party.
  3. Once using the SADAD account and/or credit card payment services / MasterCard credit cards in the store, the user agrees to abide by the terms of the SADAD account and/or the credit card/credit card of the Visa card / as a third party as described in the terms of use displayed when activating the service in Application/website. If modified or changed, a new version will be published in the application/website. The amendments shall be effective from the date of publication. Any use after posting – those modifications – constitutes agreement with the terms of the new SADAD account and/or the terms of the Visa / MasterCard credit card payment services. If the user rejects any changes to the SADAD account and / or payment terms with a Visa / MasterCard credit card, he must deactivate the SADAD account and / or the credit card payment service for the Visa / MasterCard and not continue to use the SADAD account and / or Visa / MasterCard credit card within payment services in his store.


2.3 Cash on Delivery Service:

  1. When subscribing to the service and upon the request of the account holder, the payment service will be activated upon delivery, using his information.
  2. The user acknowledges that he is fully responsible for payment services upon delivery as the account owner – and if he wishes – to cancel this service, he must do so himself. Since it is a service provided by a third party.
  3. The user acknowledges agreeing to the terms and conditions that the third party is subject to when using the payment on delivery service described when activating the service in the application/website. If modified or changed, a new version will be published in the application/website. The amendments are also considered in effect from the date of publication, and the use of the service – after the publication of the new conditions is tantamount to – approval of the amendment or change and acceptance of these changes – the user must deactivate the service – when he refuses – for any changes to the terms of payment service upon delivery and is not entitled to He may continue to use the cash on delivery service at his store.

2.4 Bank Transfer Service

  1. The right to increase the bank transfer service is activated by simply subscribing to the service and upon the request of the account holder, using his information.
  2. The user bears full responsibility for managing bank wire services as the account owner and is obligated to maintain the correct bank account information for his store. The account holder is responsible for activating or canceling the account. Zid shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the failure of the account holder to maintain bank transfer payments and data or to manage it.
  3. The account holder will agree to the bank’s terms and conditions once using the bank transfer service at his store. Zid is not responsible for any violation of the terms and conditions of the bank. If the account holder does not agree with the terms and conditions of the bank, he must disable bank transfer services and not continue to use them in the store

2.5 Domain Names (Store Link):

  1. Zid provides the account owner with sub-domains under “zid.store” for his store, which he can use and share with customers.
  2. Zid provides the account holder with the service to link the primary and secondary identifiers when purchasing an identifier (link) via third-party services as long as the Zid account is still active. The account holder acknowledges that he is responsible for purchasing the domain (link), activating and deactivating it at his discretion. Zid is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from the account owner’s failure to maintain and manage its scope (its link) from third-party services.

3. General Provisions

You must read all the terms and conditions outlined in these terms of use and this Privacy Policy and agree to and accept them before becoming a member of Zid.

  1. Help is provided to all Zid users and is only available via website/application and email.
  2. The terms of use are subject to and apply the applicable laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the parties agree on the jurisdiction of the judicial authority – in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, any dispute or claim arising from the conditions of use.
  3. The account holder agrees that Zid may amend these Terms of Use at any time by posting the revised Terms of Use on the Zid website and / or application available at https://zid.sa/en/terms-conditions/
  4. Amendments to the Terms of Service are effective from the date of publication. The account holder’s use of the services after the modification that occurs to them and which is published on the Zid website and / or the application is considered acceptance and acceptance of the amended terms of use. The account holder must stop using the service if he does not agree to any changes to the terms of use.
  5. The account holder may not use the Zid service for any unlawful or statutory purpose or for any unauthorized purpose and is not entitled to use the service in any way that is in violation of any private system or law – copyright and intellectual property rights laws – and Zid is entitled to revoke any account that violates any of the Already.
  6. The user acknowledges that he will not reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any part of the service or use or access it without obtaining the express written permission of Zid.
  7. The user is not entitled to purchase a search engine or other click-to-pay keywords (such as Google AdWords) or names of identifiers that use Zid -and- Zid tags and / or various variations and misrepresented scripts for manipulation.
  8. The user must be aware that its store content (excluding payment information) can be transmitted unencrypted and include
    (a) transmission over various networks.
    (b) changes to adapt and comply with the technical requirements of interconnection networks or devices. Payment information is always encrypted during transmission from one network to another.
  9. The user acknowledges and agrees that the use of the service including the information sent to or stored by Zid, is subject to its privacy policy at https://zid.sa/en/privacy-policy/
  10. Terms of use will be available in Arabic and English. In the event of any inconsistency or inconsistency between the English terms of use and the terms of use available in the Arabic language, the Arabic version is the version approved at https://zid.sa/terms-conditions/.

4. Zid Rights

  1. The right to increase the amendment or termination of the service for any reason without notice at any time.
  2. Anyone has the right to refuse to activate the service for any reason, at any time.
  3. Zid has the right to remove store content and accounts containing content that Zid deems at its own discretion unlawful, offensive, or threatening, libelous, defamatory, promoting pornographic or obscene content in any way or that violates the intellectual property of any party or violates the terms of use.
  4. Verbal or verbal abuse of any kind (including the threat of abuse or retaliation) from any Zid customer, Zid employee, member or official that will lead to the termination of the account immediately.
  5. Zid does not display pre-stored content and is subject to our sole discretion to reject or remove any stored content available through the service.
  6. Zid is entitled to provide its services to any party, even with being a competitor to other parties benefiting from the same services, and is committed to Zid moral and legal Charter in no harm to any party or to refrain from his service to make gains to another party nor promise any form of exclusivity in any of the sectors available in the market. The user also acknowledges and agrees that Zid employees and contractors may be Zid customers/merchants at the same time and that they may compete with the user, but Zid may not use the user’s confidential information when doing so.
  7. In the event of a dispute over account ownership, Zid has the right to request documents to verify or verify ownership of the account. The documents may include, but are not limited to, an electronic (scanned) copy of the business user’s license or a copy of the national identity card, or the last four digits of the credit card in the file and so on.
  8. Zid has the right to decide at its own discretion or after seeking the advice of a legal account holder who owns the account and has the right to issue the decision to transfer the account to the legal owner. In the event Zid is not able to determine the legitimate account holder in a logical and reasoned decision, it is entitled to temporarily suspend the account until the contesting parties are separated by a judicial ruling or a binding agreement in the presence of a legal adviser.

5. Liability limits

  1. The user agrees and understands that Zid shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or severe damages, including without limitation, and damages arising from loss of profit, reputation, use, data, or other intangible losses resulting from the use of Service or inability to use it.
  2. In all cases, Zid and its distributors are not responsible for the loss of profits or any special, incidental or consequential damages arising from their services or these terms of use (and including those caused by negligence). The user agrees to indemnify and protect Zid and (as the case requires) we increase the parent company or subsidiaries or Zid -affiliated companies or Zid partners or officials or managers or agents or employees or suppliers not affected by any claim or demand including the attorney fees he provides Any third party due to or arising out of the user’s breach of these terms of use or the documents it contains by reference, or in violation of any system, law or any right of the public.
  3. The account holder is entirely responsible for the use. Whereas, the “as is” and “as available” service is provided without any warranty or express, implied or legal conditions.
  4. Zid does not guarantee that any defect in the provision of services outside its ability or due to emergency or force majeure conditions does not occur – that no defect or error occurs, and Zid is committed to taking all necessary and reasonable steps to remedy and remedy the situation.
  5. Zid does not warrant that the results of using the service will be accurate or consistent.
  6. Zid does not warrant that the quality of any products, services, information, or other materials purchased or obtained from the user through the service will reach your expectations, or that any errors in the service will be corrected.

6. Waiver and full agreement

Failure to exercise or enforce any right or condition of use is not considered a waiver of this right and your use of the service is subject to terms of use (the complete agreement between Zid and the user) and it replaces any previous agreements between you and Zid (including previous versions of the terms of use for example – but not limited to, oral agreements or preliminary addresses)

7. Intellectual property and customer content

  1. Zid does not have the right to claim intellectual property rights over the content that you upload, and all the content you download is owned by you and does not understand the exemption from complying with the terms and policies of increasing or not being held accountable when the violation occurs. You can also delete the Zid Store at any time by requesting the deletion of the account from customer service.
  1. When content is uploaded to the store, the user agrees to the following:
    (A) Allow other Internet users to view the store’s content.
    (B) Allow Zid to display and save your store content.
    (C) Zid has the right to review the content of the uploaded store at any time to ensure its safety and compliance with the terms and conditions.
  2. The user retains ownership of all content uploaded to the Zid Store, and in any case, when the Store is public it is deemed an agreement to others to view the Store Content. The user is also responsible for applying the regulations, laws, and requirements applicable to store content.
  3. The Zid user’s confidential information will not be disclosed to third parties unless this is required during service provision and with prior consent and knowledge of the user. Confidential information includes any material or information provided by the user to Zid that is not publicly known. The confidential information does not include information that:
    (A) was available in the public domain at the time we received it.
    (B) it entered into the public domain after receiving Zid without any error from the Zid side.
    (C) receiving Zid from another person other than you without violating our obligations or confidentiality Our own or them, or (D) required to be disclosed by law.
  4. Zid company has the right to open license to use the names, trademarks, service marks and logos associated with the user’s store to promote the service.

8. Third-party logistics companies

If the user is in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the user can activate shipping through logistic services companies from within the site/application to deliver goods purchased from his Zid store. In addition to these terms of use, the use of Zid Logistics services is subject to the terms and conditions of each of the logistics companies set out in their site/application when activating the delivery service.

9. Zid store wallpaper

  1. Users can customize the look of their store using the Zid design templates. He has the right to use the design template for the Zid store in the store only, and he is not allowed to transfer or sell any design template from the Zid store to any store for another person in Zid or anywhere else, and Zid reserves the legal right to remedy any violation of the foregoing.
  2. The user can customize the Zid template design to suit his store. The right to add or amend the appendix showing its identity at its own discretion. From its own perspective, it has the right to determine and amend the template that contains an element that may be unlawful, offensive, threatening, defamatory, pornographic, obscene, or undesirable in any way or that constitutes a violation of the intellectual property of any person, even after receiving the template in this case. Plus, you may tweak the template to add new designs, technical changes, and updates as required.
  3. Zid has intellectual property rights to its design template. If you exceed the rights granted through a purchase, Zid may take legal and administrative action against the user such as modifying or closing the store.
  4. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the use of the old or new Zid design templates does not replace or damage the user’s store content.

10. Payment of fees

  1. The user pays the value of the fees imposed on his participation in the service (“subscription fees”) and any other fees required, including but not limited to fees related to executing transactions in your account (“transaction fees”) and fees related to the purchase of any products or services such as equipment or shipping Applications, backgrounds, identifier names, or third-party services (“additional fees”). Participation fees, transaction fees, and additional fees are referred to as “fees”.
  2. The user must type valid credit card information in the registration file to pay all periodic financial obligations. The increase in fees charged to the credit card account whose information was written (“the approved card”) will be recorded, and the fees will continue to be collected from the approved card (or any alternative card) against the fees due until the services are terminated and only occurs when all the fees due are paid in full unless otherwise mentioned. All basic fees and other fees are in Saudi Riyals, and all payments must be in Saudi currency.
  3. The subscription fees are paid in advance, the invoice is issued within (30) days, and the payment is in annual installments (all of these dates are classified as the “invoice release date”). Transaction fees and additional fees will be calculated from time to time at the discretion of Zid and a fee will be collected from the user on the date of each bill for all due fees that have not been paid before. The fees are written on the invoice that will be sent to the account owner via the email written in the registration file. An invoice will appear on the account signup page on the Zid site/app. Users have (14) days to bring and settle any problems related to subscription fees bills.
  4. All fees do not include government, regional, or local sales, or other national sales, goods, services, and fees. Or fees that are in the future.
  5. The service amount is not allowed to be used in another service.

11. Auto Subscription Renewal

  1. The subscription of selected plan will auto renew using the payment methods you entered in your account when the date of the end of your current subscription period.
  2. If payment is not successfully settled, due to expiration, insufficient funds, or otherwise, the subscription will not renew automatically.
  3. You can deactivate the auto subscription renewal at any time by entering subscription Management page > then click on cancel the auto renewal subscription > confirmation message will appear > click confirm

12. Cancellation and termination

  1. The user can cancel his account at any time by contacting the support team or the success of merchants or [email protected] and then following the specific instructions referred to in the e-mail from
  2. When either party terminates the services for any reason:
    1. Zid will stop providing the user with the services and will no longer be able to access his account.
    2. The user does not have the right to recover any charges unless otherwise specified in the terms of use.
    3. Any balance due to Zid Company as a result of your use of the services through the date of this termination will immediately become fully payable and the user’s site services will be immediately suspended.
  3. If the end date of the service comes and there are fees that the user has not paid, then one final invoice will be sent via email. After paying the bill in full, the user will not be charged again.
  4. Zid reserves the right to amend or terminate the services of the user or his account for any reason at any time without notice.
  5. Fraud: The Zid company has the right to suspend or terminate your account when it is suspected that you have participated in embezzlement activity in connection with the services of Zid or any of its customers and take any other legal action if necessary.

13. Refund/ Return Policy

If the merchant applies for a refund, while he/she achieves more than 50 applications, the request will be rejected.

4 Steps of the Product Returns Process

  1. Merchant is required to be eligible for refund according to the Refund Policy.
  2. Merchant applies the refund request by contacting the customer service team in the designated channels.
  3. Customer service team processes refund requests within 3-5 working days, if the merchant is not eligible for refund, the customer service team will inform the trader of rejection and explain the reasons.
  4. If the Merchant is entitled to return, the refund will be within the 15th and 30th days of every month, whichever is sooner.

Annual contributions

  1. The merchant has the right to request a refund of the full amount within 10 days if he/she does not use other services, such as buying the domai.
  2. If the merchant requests a refund after the 10th day, the price of a month + other services used will be deducted from the cost of the package, in exchange for the referendum.
  3. The merchant has the right to request a partial refund within 14 days as the monthly subscription + other services used only are deducted.
  4. If the merchant returns a month later, the request will be rejected.

Quarterly contributions

The grace period for raising the refund request is 9 days from the date of subscription, as the merchant has the right to return during the mentioned grace periods.

Monthly contributions

The grace period for raising the refund request is 3 days from the date of subscription, as the merchant has the right to return during the mentioned grace periods.

Changing the package

If the package is upgraded to a higher package and the merchant requested for a refund, he/she shall be entitled to refund the difference between the packages, which did not exceed the grace period, as the previous balance (in case of exceeding the grace period in the previous package) is considered a non-refundable balance and it will be automatically transferred to the lower package.

Media and advertising campaign messages

  1. The grace period is 7 days from the date of payment.
  2. The cost is considered non-refundable if the messages are used during the grace period.

Domains and sender’s name

  1. The grace period is 7 days from the date of payment.
  2. The cost is non-refundable if the dominion or sender’s name is purchased during the grace period.

14. Adjustments to service and prices

  1. Prices for using the services are not fixed and subject to change, provided the user is notified 30 days before This notification can be submitted at any time by posting changes to the website (zid.sa) or to the site/application by advertising.
  2. Zid reserves the right to amend at any time and from time to time or to stop the service (or any part thereof) with or without notice.
  3. Zid shall not be liable to the user or to any third party for any amendment, price change, suspension or suspension of the service.

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